Data Scientist Certification

All-inclusive business analytics, A/B testing, predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI skills for Data Scientist

Our clients

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    Become analytics

    Learn complete data science, machine learning, AI, and experimentation skills

  • sfdghrt
    Be the

    Become an organizational catalyst for data-driven decision-making

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    Do less, drive
    more impact

    Learn how to deliver actionable models and insights that drive $

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    Become an

    Become a thought partner to your stakeholders

Anand V (Director, Big Data Analytics at Impetus Technologies)
Carol T (Senior Marketing Analytics Professional)
Greg J (Senior Product Manager at IMVU)
Karanbir S (Senior Manager of Business Intelligence at IMVU)
Priti S (Senior Product Manager at Franklin Templeton Investments)

The Aryng differentiator

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    Learn from renowned
    Silicon Valley industry

  • csfgrht

    Get BADIR, a tried and
    tested framework to solve
    growth problems

  • adretr

    Learn how to identify and
    solve highest value

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    Drive career growth through
    key decision-science and
    data-science skills

  • 34 weeks course| 2 hours/week
  • Solve 12 data science industry cases
  • dsfdgfg
    6 weeks project | choose your own project
  • 1-on-1 project mentoring

Tools and methods

Pre-requisites: High school level statistics and programming background

lead insights

This certificate is for analysts and data scientists who want to get skilled up in all things data science, machine learning, and AI

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Aryng vs. other programs

Masters or
diploma courses

platform courses


Job-ready, hands-on training
Focused on solving real Business problem for industry Rare Marginal
Learning of end-to-end process of Data Science project Modular Modular
Taught by analytics experts with Fortune 100 experience Rare
Technical as well as non-technical (business / soft skills) Rare
Lifetime access to live community of fellow learners Rare
1-on-1 access to Data Science expert instructions Rare
Flexible, self-placed, online courses
Industry-recognized certification Accredited Inconsistent Professional Certification

Benefits included

  • cdfgf
    An official BADIR| master black belt: Data Scientist certification
  • 12 months of access to all course content and videos. Go back, pause, take notes, as many times
  • Templates, cheat sheets, and samples that help you take your training to your day-to-day
  • Lifetime access to LinkedIn class group for continued learning and support
  • Group mentoring every month with Aryng experts
  • Flexible Learning

Sample student projects mentored by Aryng

  • Improved talent application rate by 30% while reducing spend by 18%
  • Identify detractors of cart conversion produced $4M in impact
  • Understand drivers of growth and identify opportunities delivered $5M+ in impact
  • Increased NPS by 10 % point using text and sentiment analytics
  • Identified $1.2 M in incremental revenue opportunities using market-mix modelling
  • Mapping robotic talent and skills in Greater Boston Area for GE HR strategy - $5M+ potential impact

The certificate at a glance

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    Analytics aptitude
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Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of algorithms will I be able to do after earning this certificate?
    You will be able to do full factorial experimentation design and analysis, simple analytics using correlation and trend analysis, and advanced analytics including predictive analytics - linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, k-means clustering, text analytics - Bag of Words, Concordance, NLP, machine learning - XGBoost, Random Forest, GBM and AI - Neural Network, RNN, and CNN.
  • I am already working as a data scientist. What can I gain from this certification?
    You will learn how to build models and solutions which get used by the stakeholders. You will learn how to story-tell with data and how to influence stakeholders. You will learn which methodology to use for what kind of problems. You will learn accelerated and directed approaches using BADIR to build predictive and ML models quickly.
  • Who should take this certification?
    This certification is for analysts and data scientists who want to learn the most commonly used data science and machine learning techniques to solve complex business problems.