Citizen Analyst Certification Exam

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    Earn the coveted BADIR ‘Yellow Belt’ certification

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    Gold-standard of
    Citizen Analyst

    Benchmark your capabilities to deliver strategic business impact using data

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    Bolster your

    Build your profile as a marketing, product or sales professional

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    Demonstrate you
    are future ready

    Showcase your gen-next digital capabilities and data literacy skills

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60 Questions
70% To earn the certificate
30 Minutes
2 Attempts

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BADIR "Yellow Belt" Citizen Analyst Certification Exam $100

“Hi, I am Simona G., and I live and work in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2014 I was considering a shift from all-around B2B Marketing to a more ROI, data-driven Marketing role. I was not only fascinated by the business insights generated by my Business Intelligence colleagues, but I also came to realize that I would love to use my quantitative and analytical skills to their fullest. So, when Data Analysis came out as the skill needed to fill in the gap, it took me a good couple of weeks of an internet search to eventually choose Aryng´s Business Analytics and Testing online module. This online course is really great. Piyanka and Mukul dive into the dry statistical methods and apply them directly to real-life scenarios and cases, such as a travel agency, an online gaming company, e-commerce company Umazon, and Shamzon. The hands-on Excel walk-throughs are a wonderful practical tool. The cases focus as much on the business briefing process and actionable recommendations rolling out from the analysis as they focus on the data handling and analysis itself. There is a brief reference to the tooling available when it comes to data warehouse management, reporting and visualization, and Marketing automation. Last, but not least, following these modules I got a context to place the data analysis as a very specific skill. Some of the online study hours I experienced as real consulting sessions with professionals in Big Data Analytics. They come with those do’s and don’ts which are crucial to effectiveness in a role as a Data Analyst. What I personally appreciate is also the fact that Piyanka is accessible and responsive in the communication during the course. I warmly recommend the Aryng online courses.”

Simona G (Marketer, Tellus)

“I feel this training was great for me as I learned a structured approach to drafting the right business questions, constructing an efficient analysis and data collection plan, and deriving actionable insights to aid the key business decisions. Being a ‘data’ guy assisting business leaders and key stakeholders, I believe I can leverage the methodologies and practical techniques learned from this course to deliver results in a more concise and timely fashion, and indeed I have started reaping the benefits of this course already. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge base in analytics with a great learning opportunity from the senior experts in this field of study.”

Ashok D (Business System Analyst, PayPal)

"A very practical approach with real-world scenarios not taught in Harvard or business schools (ISB, IIM, ...). Exposes to simple yet very powerful handy frameworks that can be used to analyze, derive insights and provide recommendations not only to business problems but also can be widely applied to day to day life challenges (a whole new thought process for problem-solving)"

Dheera Settipalli (Senior Project Manager, Genpact)

"I feel more comfortable with the concepts behind data-driven business decisions after taking the course."

Ryan F (Innovation Specialist, Lean Taas Inc)

“I left today MORE CONFIDENT than ever to CONQUER BIG DATA. Thank you.”

Gines (Customer Success Manager, Box Inc)

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to complete the courses?
    This course consists of 8 sections each with 2 hours of self-paced online lectures. In addition, you will spend 2-4 hours/section on class assignments and your capstone case.
  • What background knowledge is necessary to take specific courses?
    You need a working knowledge of Excel, a passion for learning data and a knack for storytelling to take this course. You must also score 12 or higher on Aryng’s Aptitude Assessment.
  • What software will I need to complete the exercises and case?
    You will need MS Excel with data-pak loaded and MS PowerPoint to complete Hands-on Business Analytics Training.